“I am sick of it!” (presence)

In this series of blogs titled, “I am sick of it”(anxiety), I am going to explore the positive responses we can have to things about our anxiety that we are “sick of”. In this post I am going to explore the idea of presence.

Following on from my last post, (were I discussed awareness) once you are aware of something you need to stay present to it. This sounds quite simple, you have become aware you are struggling with anxiety, so now just stay with it! Can you see how using the example of anxiety changes this a little?

Most people spend enormous amounts of time and energy not staying with their experience, illustrating just how difficult this can be. One of my favorite sayings to clients comes directly from this notion of presence and trying to explain to clients how critical and challenging it can be:

“You cannot pass an exam unless you show up!”

Once you have become aware of what you are struggling with (for example anxiety as mentioned above), the only way you can work through this is by staying present with it and trying to learn different things about it and different ways of responding.

Developing presence increases stability of the mind, and the degree to which you are grounded in awareness itself. With practice, awareness and presence will become increasingly your home base, your refuge, rather than a transient state.